#685 Hammered Metal

Acquired 2014

This is the year of estate sale nativity finds! I am adding nativity sets to the collection that are different to my eye and this” estate sale” set fit that criterion! As I visited the Christmas Craft Fair at the Turlock Fairgrounds on November 8, 2014, I saw this 20” to 24” tall and narrow three-piece metal set at the booth by Country Critters. As I visited with the sales manager, I learned that he had no information about he set except that they purchased it from an estate sale somewhere! They market country look holiday and home décor items and they feature one-of-a-kind items that they find at estate sales, etc. Other than their desire to market them, they don't keep any information!This set has been metal that was hammered with a mallet and then cut and formed into the Holy Family - Mary holding Baby Jesus, Joseph, and a very tall Star! Being so unique I decided it should become part of my collection, November 2014. Purchase price, $40.