#880 Nuts & Bolt Nativity

Acquired 2021

A co-collector friend of mine from Texas displayed a one-of-a-kind Nativity set made of nuts and bolts. I have included a picture of it at the bottom of this display page. It was made especially for her by a close friend of hers. Of course, it is a very unique way to display our Christ Child’s birth, Therefore, I wanted to have a Nuts and Bolts Nativity set too! It was about four years later that I decided I needed to pursue this mission. I approached our dear friend, camping buddy, and co-church member, Jerry King. He was in construction for years and does meticulous carpentry work and he even had his own tool collection of old hand wood planes for years and was a member of a tool club. He is now retired and spends his time making wonderful bird houses and light houses. I asked him if he would take on the challenge of matching the nuts and bolts Nativity picture I had and make one for me. He welcomed the challenge. and he had a year to work on the project before my next showing. He had only one stipulation – I couldn’t see what he was doing until it was all done! He said he had a few ideas of his own on how to construct the set. I readily agreed! Well, it didn’t take him a year – in fact it was done in about four months and presented to me in March 2021. The set he created is incredible! He even provided a stable with hay and a precious angel peering over the Nativity. The arrangement of different metal and copper pieces to create the Nativity characters is amazing. The main characters are permanently bolted to the stable floor. The three sheep, cow, camel, and Baby Jesus are movable. The angel also slips out for proper storage. The combination of screws, nuts, proper holes in the tool items for the copper tubing creating arms and hands are to be examined very carefully to see just how he put all this together. Notice the gold nuts as crowns for the kings and the gold screws, nuts and bolts that make up the angel and Baby Jesus. Notice also, that Mary’s cooper tubing hands are in a praying position. The shepherd holds on to his staff. The array of pieces to create the cow and camel are quite heavy. This set is astonishing. It is a total of 13 pieces and the stable. Jerry would only allow me to pay him for the supplies! I am so blessed. Thank you, Jerry for this unique display of our Lord’s birth.