#751 Taiwan Nativity

Acquired 2016

When Bob and I returned from one of our RV trips, Joe and Glenis Gornik called us aside to say they had something for us. After Sunday School class, we met, and they presented an old paper ream box to us. Inside we found an antique 1975 bamboo wooden nativity set! They said it had been given to them in 1975 by their missionary friend, Maria Rishdul. She purchased it while in Taiwan as a gift to Joe and Glenis. They displayed it for several years, but it has been stored in their garage and they wanted it to be part of my collection. The pieces are larger and include a tripod style stable with bamboo walls and flooring. A star hangs from the stable. Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus all have halos. A shepherd with his staff seems to be missing something from his other hand. He attends his one sheep, a cow and donkey. The three kings all hold their gifts for the Christ Child. Thank you, Joe and Glenis, for sharing this treasure with me. Gifted, March 2016.