#721 Western Unbridled Wonder

Acquired 2015

The Unbridled Wonder Nativity Collection shares the “Christmas Story” through the eyes of children. Using their own expressions, they transform their barnyard and gather up their western treasures to enact the birth of the Christ Child. Using the barn as their stage, the hayloft opening allows the star to shine through. The Bible says this light leads the people to see Baby Jesus. The doors of the barn are trimmed into the shape of a cross. This completes the story, for it is the Cross that leads us to Jesus today. This nine-piece collection is created and designed by artist and author Kathy Andrews Fincher. The set was purchased in Branson, MO, by my sister, Carole, on behalf of my husband for our 54th anniversary. The transaction was correlated by our daughter, Janine, who then wrapped the nine pieces in a huge box for her dad. I could barely see over the top of the box that was brought to our anniversary dinner. The bill for the set happened to be in the big box and upon learning that Carole paid for it for reimbursement, I wrote her a check! Again, a special gift to me that I paid for! I love my family!Notice the three child kings - one on his horse bringing his bag of gold. One with his much too long kingly robe brings the offspring of the hen and rooster below him - he brings baby chicks. The kneeling cowboy king has a new puppy in a box as his gift to the Christ Child! A little girl perches herself precariously on the top of an old ladder to hold out the star and the shepherd sits on the fence with his sheep below him. A very small child also adorns the fence. The set is marketed by Big Country, a western collection from Big Sky Carvers. Given to me November 22, 2015. Purchase price, $323.