#621 Large Match Box Nativity

Acquired 2012

At our Conway Christmas on December 23, 2012, Bob's stepsister, Kathy Saaty, once again, added a unique nativity piece to my collection! She was visiting with a co-worker at the high school cafeteria where she works and was telling her friend about my nativity collection. The worker said she had a different nativity set at home and would love to share it with Kathy to add to the collection. She brought this larger styled matchbox nativity to Kathy - who then brought it to me! The piece looks like a match box and the inner box slides out like a typical match box. But when it does, it reveals a miniature nativity delicately molded into the box. When the match box is pulled out the other way, it leads to a wind-up key! The matchbox is a small music box and, when wound, moves the nativity characters in a circular fashion around the Baby Jesus as it plays Away in a Manger! Very intricate and quite lovely. What a joy to add this special piece to my collection.