#528 Lorri Harris Nativity

Acquired 2008

Lorri Harris is Vikki de los Santos' mother. Both Vikki and Lorri are from our church and know about my collection. Vikki has been a Missionary to Argentina for several years and was recently married - her new married name is now Maya. Both she and her new husband will continue ministry in Argentina. Vikki came home to help her mom relocate to a senior care facility and had the responsibility of emptying her mom's residence. Vikki came across their family nativity set that she remembers putting up each Christmas as she was growing up. She asked her mom what to do with the nativity and without question Lorri requested that it be added to my collection! I am so extremely honored - and we are featuring it this year prime and center in our nativity room! It was purchased at Montgomery Wards in 1964, and, at 44 years later, the light still works in the stable and the old-fashioned wind-up music box still operates! Including the stable, the set is 13 pieces (one lamb is missing I am told) with all of them in great condition! Added to my collection, November 2008!