#530 Yard Art

Acquired 2008

Desiring to have an outdoor nativity set in our backyard along the incoming driveway where truckers and customers pull in and out numerous times during the day, I choose these Yard Art pieces which are hand-cut and hand-painted by Linda Brown. Linda is the wife of Paul Brown, a friend of Bob's for a few years now. Paul is a building and cement carpenter and has done several jobs for us at home and at the plant. Paul and Linda also run a fruit, pumpkin and Christmas tree stand and, in addition to that, she does these beautiful yard art pieces which are of life size and beautifully painted for weather protection. She displays and sells her pieces at their fruit stand. For this first year, I chose Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, a shepherd with two lambs, three kings, and a donkey. In the future we will add other pieces that she has available. Purchased December 3, 2008, at $306.00.