#725 Mt. Hermon Tapestry

Acquired 2015

While attending the Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center Christmas Dinner and Program in Felton, CA with our Pacesetters Group from church, we visited the small bazaar they hold in conjunction with the elegant affair. Homemade crafters from the Santa Cruz area attend this small craft fair and it always very nice with unique hand-crafted items available. One particular booth had this lovely hand-quilted, hand-glittery accented, 3'x4' nativity tapestry. Of course, it caught my eye, but I was hesitant and decided to just think about it and left the booth. Bob was with me and went back to purchase it for me! Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed! The purchase price was $59. Purchased December 4, 2015.But the best part was I went back to the booth to ask for more information, like who made it. I learned that the two ladies manning the booth were the crafters. The special blessing is that they take the proceeds from their sales and use it for Operation Christmas Child. This year alone they were able to send 134 boxes to kids around the world with the proceeds from their booth! What a joy to know the proceeds from my tapestry will help a needy child!