#401 The Doggy Set

Acquired 2004

Pennie and Allen visited Branson along with Bob and Carole during the week of my Nativity Open House, 2004. When they returned home, they didn't even take time to unload and relax but, came straight to my house to give me this special nativity for my guests to enjoy. This 7-piece resin set is seven breeds of dogs! The pieces include the two angels that hang from above the nativity set on tree stumps with gold hangers. One angel is a Poodle, the other angel is a Chihuahua. A German Shepherd is Mary, with a Black Lab as Joseph. Baby Jesus is a Scottish Terrier. Of course, no set is complete without at least one king, so the Bulldog is the king. A Golden Retriever poses as the shepherd. For my birthday, in March 2005, Bob added the remaining pieces of the dog set to my collection, coming from American Heritage Big Sky Carvers from Manhattan, Montana. The set includes a camel (Golden Retriever), wise man I (Basset Hound), wise man II (Dalmatian), little drummer boy (Jack Russell), small sheep (Scottie), and a large sheep (Border Collie).