#827 Peace Nativity – Classic Vinegar

Acquired 2018

I saw this elegant nativity while attending the annual Christmas Open House at Classic Vinegar. Our friend, Donna Nicalau, owner of the business and accompanying gift store, has impeccable taste when choosing items to display. My office staff and I look forward each year to attend her upscale and stunning event. There is so much to take in and sometimes I think she chooses nativities for her store thinking of my collection! This beautiful 22” wide one-piece set is nine pounds. The gold base and staggered peace letters are etched with silver and delicate gold filigree. The white resin nine pieces of the nativity flow forward from the letters and blend beautifully on the gold base. The angel, the tenth piece hovers over the nativity perched within the “C”. The star rests over the center “A”. I love that the three kings and the shepherd reverently and worshipfully lean toward the Incarnate Infant Child. The set is designed by Melrose International of Quincy, IL. I purchased it from Classic Vinegar, November 9, 2018 – purchase price, $149.95.