#696 Global Mamas Recycled Glass

Acquired 2015

This is a Spirit of Africa Nativity. It is handmade from a variety of recycled glass beads. Due to each piece's individuality, each one will be different. For Mary and Joseph one leg is mounted on a glass star making the pieces wobbly and bendable.The set is handmade in Ghana using 100% recycled glass beads, wire, cloth, wood, and other natural fibers. The head pieces are a straw material. This set is made by Global Mamas - a nonprofit organization that provides women in Africa the opportunities to enrich their lives and achieve prosperity for themselves and their family. Global Mamas is in Krobo Odumase and includes many family-run businesses in their villages. Later I found the wobbly bendable animals - a tan lion, yellow giraffe, and a blue elephant at Hendley Market in Galveston, TX.Purchased through Yonder Star in October 2015, Purchase price, $96 with the animals.