#889 Alessi Happy Eternity Baby Nativity

Acquired 2021

In 1921 two brothers started a metal design business in Crusinallo, Omegna, Italy. The business was passed down to a son, then a grandson and continues today with the same family tradition with distant relatives. Their design included many metals and was advanced to chrome, silver, woods, plastics, and porcelains. The company celebrates 100 years of production. In very recent years, Alessi introduced this most unique innovative nativity entitled Happy Eternity Baby. The nativity was designed by two of Alessi’s noted artisans, Massimo Giacon along with Marcello Jori.Bob and Janine found the set and gifted it to me Christmas, 2021. The bold colored modern nativity is a combination between industrial, artisan, ethical and radical design and is characterized by fine production quality and meticulous attention to detail.After Christmas I found other pieces to the set and added them. All the pieces have Italian names! Total cost of this 12-piece set is $538. My set includes:Happy Eternity Baby Crib - Stable, Holy Family, Donkey/Cow $155Angelo Miracolo – Angel $25Trino - Camel $52Two Sheep as one piece $38Uno Due, Tre Re Magi – Three Kings $85Stella Cometa – Star $43Pastorello – Shepherd $32Elisabello – Musician Accordian Player with Dog $25La Roccia – Rock Stand $38Eolo – Musician Bagpiper $45