#803 Rustic Craft One Piece Nativity

Acquired 2017

This rustic home-made Nativity is a gift to me from Cathy Krigbaum, who attended our Open House in 2017. We had run into Cathy and her husband, Ed, while having dinner at The Fruit Yard in November. She asked about my showing, and I gave her the dates. She has attended other Open Houses in the past but not in recent years. Cathy and Ed did come and brought this lovely Nativity. She attended a small craft fair of local church members from the General Baptist Church on Central Avenue (where my sister-in-law, Mary, attends) and saw this hand-made nativity there. Having purchased it, Cathy wanted to add it to my collection. The piece includes a rustic style three sided stable mounted on a wood floor. The figures are made from colorful cloth, pieces of wood and cotton and are mounted on the wood floor. Included is the Holy Family, a shepherd, three sheep and the three kings. A gift, 20/17.