#290 Fireplace Screen

Acquired 2001

December 2001, I stopped at Beardsley's to pick up an order on hold and Les and Linda happened to be in the store. As we visited, she asked if I had seen the Nativity Fireplace Screen - No, I had not! When Linda took me to it, it was absolutely lovely! With three divisions and exquisite colored metal-art design, this piece - the first of its kind I've ever seen - just had to be part of the Collection. The three “walls” separate for easy storage, and it stands about three feet tall. Purchase price, $185, less my 20% discount coupon, which I used. The funny part of this story is as I attempted to pay for this purchase and the order I came to get, I realized I left all three of my checkbooks on my desk in the office! I had no money, no credit cards, and no checks! I didn't even have a Driver's License! Les and Linda were gracious to allow me to take all the merchandise home and call them with my credit card number later! What trust!