#823 Wooden Box from Kyrgyzstan

Acquired 2018

From the Silk Road, this is a global marketplace which guarantees artisans of deprived countries fair wages, safe working conditions, and a dignity that comes from being self-sufficient. The name, Silk Road, is taken from the trade route of the 1st century, from China, the Middle East, to Northern Africa and Italy and Greece, where traders shared their art, religion and technology which led to a cross cultural understanding. Silk Road represents artisans from many countries. This set that I chose is from Kyrgyzstan. It is an eight-piece intricately detailed hand-painted wooden set and is housed in a star-studded wooden box. This nativity comes to life through the cooperation of a team. The artisan’s names are given with the set. Aibek turns and forms the figures only to hand them over to Sveta for painting. The box is made by Sasha and then painted by Fia. Rashid is the final step in the process as he applies the lacquer. Ira takes care of the delivery and shipping documents for delivery to Silk Road for marketing here in the USA. I purchased the set from their booth at our Friends of the Crèche Convention is Dayton, Ohio, October 2018. Purchase price, $145.