#599 Pig Nativity

Acquired 2011

Too fun! Most unusual! This is the winner this year for most unique! This darling “swine” nativity was found by my grandson, Cody, on the internet. As a 4-H member working with swine for the last several years, he is often on the internet looking for information about pigs. He ran across this pig nativity set and told my daughter, Janine. Janine shared it with my husband, and Bob said it would be an absolute must for my collection, so Janine ordered it for her dad. I was so surprised when I opened this package and found all these precious pink pigs portraying the characters of the Christmas story! The 11-piece set includes the piggy angel with her wings and halo, Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus with His little pig nose and little ears barely peeking out of His deep brown swaddling clothes. Then we have the three kings, we have a piggy camel, a piggy donkey, a piggy lamb, and a piggy shepherd. The pink colors highlight their faces and hands with their garments in bold colors. This set is absolutely darling. The pieces are made of fimo clay, hand-crafted, designed in 2011 by crafter, Tony Starn. A gift to me Christmas 2011 from my husband via my daughter via my grandson. Purchase price, $165.