#437 Floral Supply Bible Nativity

Acquired 2005

My sister Carole saw this nativity at Floral Supply one day while shopping. She thought this set was too beautiful not to be a part of my collection, so she took a picture of it and brought it home for me to see on her digital camera. Even though the picture was very pretty, it was hard for me to comprehend what beauty she was seeing. Bob and I were driving out McHenry a few days later and we stopped to see if they might still have the nativity. They had one set left and I saw the beauty Carole saw! We bought it! The backdrop stable is a ceramic large Bible, inscribed on the back with “Holy Bible”. The front of the ceramic Bible opens to Luke telling of the First Christmas, quoting - “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, and good will to men.” The opposing page is a hollowed out stable to house the Holy Family with the angel perched on top. This set is heavy and large. The pieces are about 6 to 8” tall and the Bible is about 12” tall. It is a gorgeous addition to our collection. Purchased, November 2005. Purchase Price, $137.00.