#682 Gottschalk's Fabric Nativity

Acquired 2014

I received a phone call from my sister, Pennie, that the organization Prodigal Sons and Daughters, in Turlock, had been given over a hundred nativity sets from a large bay area estate. They would be on display “in the morning” and available at their Garage Sale! Bob and I were scheduled to leave “in the morning” for the cabin and my husband scolds me because I most often cause him to leave later than he planned! Now I wanted to go check out the garage sale which would delay our leaving! But being the wonderful, gracious husband that he is, he said I should go!When arriving, I learned the collection was much larger than 100, and had already been “gone through” by family, close friends, etc. before they closed out the bay area home. Prodigal Sons and Daughters was receiving what was left! While most of what I saw was not useful to my already large collection, I did see this lovely eight- piece tall fabric set which came from Gottschalk's Department Store before the company went out of business in 2009. The set was issued through Elements. So, this elegant set of detailed, porcelain head, fabric draped figures was purchased before that date. My research did not reveal the exact year. The set includes Mary, Joseph, the three kings, and an angel. Jesus is a porcelain doll wrapped only in the Swaddling cloth diaper in a separate purple lined manger. The original box housed the set, and the box is marked $159.00. I donated $100 to Prodigal Sons and Daughters to acquire the set. October 2014.