#753 Raffia Nativity

Acquired 2016

We visited John and Laura Gaske, daughter of Roy and Janice. Janine was already meeting there to look at a set of outdoor Seven Dwarfs to use for their back yard. John and Laura are downsizing their home and moving to Copper Creek - a smaller house and very small yard. We thought it would be fun to drop in and “crash the party”. John and Laura are delightful people to visit with and make you feel like you are their best friends.She said she was getting rid of at least half of her belongings to be able to downsize. Was there anything I wanted?? I spotted this large, flowing raffia nativity set up on a high-rise shelf in their living room and my eyes lit up! John immediately got a ladder and pulled the four-piece nativity set down and Laura told me to take it home! She wouldn't allow me to pay for this darling set.Its history is that Laura purchased it about 20 years ago at a craft fair in Escalon. It was placed up on the high shelf and, except for occasional cleaning, it has remained there for the 20 years! She has no idea who made it, nor does she remember its original cost. I'm honored to add it to my collection. The set includes 25” tall Joseph, sitting Mary holding Baby Jesus, a gold box star and a 28” tall star budding from a flowerpot. With the raffia, the set flows outward about three feet.