#867 New Creative Natural Metallic Nativity

Acquired 2020

While visiting the Tis the Season Christmas Shop in Millersburg, OH, the manager helping me with my shopping, took me to her backroom where she had another discounted nativity set that hadn’t been set up yet in the store. The pieces about 7” tall included 11 total and were made of brown wood with gold metallic highlights creating a beautiful look to the nativity. The set includes Mary with prayerful hands, Joseph with his staff and his left hand over his heart committed to care for the Babe of Bethlehem. The shepherd holds his sheep up over his shoulders. Also, included are the three kings, two camels, and cow and donkey. While I don’t know the original price, the marked down price was $99.60, and I paid ½ of that. Purchase price to me was $49.80 and I absolutely could not resist. So, we ended up with two gorgeous large size nativity sets from our visit to the Amish country.