#879 Jazmin’s Outdoor Painted Pieces

Acquired 2020

Our creative granddaughter, Jazmin, has taken on the craft ability of her sister. She has made her family Christmas gifts for the last couple of years. This year, even though a busy, studious college student, she took time to make her gifts. For Grandma Toni, of course, she chose a nativity idea. Taking three planks of wood, she painted three different modern art interpretations of the nativity story. All three are 40” x 6” pieces and standalone against an outdoor wall. With colors of blues, browns, gray, and gold, each piece depicts the faceless character of the Christmas Holy Family. The first piece is Mary in blues and brown. The second plank is Baby Jesus on a gold and brown manger with the star gazing above. The last piece is Joseph in grays, brown and gold. His brown heavy beard makes it easy to know he is the male figure. From Jazmin, Christmas, 2020.