#857 Disney Nativity

Acquired 2019

I have tried several times to purchase a Disney nativity. Other theme companies offer nativities, but Disney does not. I have seen Hanukkah groupings in earlier years at Disneyland, but not a nativity. I have even called their corporate office to ask. While I have been very disappointed in their company policy to exclude reference to Jesus to be “politically correct”, I decided I would try to create my own set. My grandson, Landon, found two nativity Disney crèche creations on Google and sent me a copy. Other people thought to be creative too! So, using their ideas, I embarked on a shopping hunt to find pieces to use. I purchased six different collector play sets, pulled the pieces I chose to use, and found a Baby Jesus and a stable from other “non-Disney” sets to add to the Disney characters, – and there – I had a “Mickey Mouse” nativity set! I had many pieces remaining that were not used, which I donated for needy children’s Christmas gifts. Of course, Mickey and Minnie are Mary and Joseph. Animals are mostly from Lion’s King and Winnie the Pooh. Struggling to find characters for the kings, I chose to use a variety of other pieces that have something in their hand as gifts. Tinkerbelle is the angel. What is the cost of my project? I’m not sure! I know I spent $168 for the collector sets – some of which I used and most that I shared with needy children. Purchased December 2019.