#443 Playmobil Nativity

Acquired 2005

Never too old for toys. My husband honored me with this Playmobil Nativity set on Christmas Day, 2005. All Playmobil toys are produced in Germany, where the company was founded. In 2002, they added the nativity set to the Playmobil collection and release it to stores each Christmas. Bob happened to see it while shopping and chose it for me. The stable itself is assembled with thin cardboard. But the pieces are plastic and very colorful and intricate in detail. The set includes 14 characters; however, the set included 59 pieces! Each character is assembled separately, and accessories are snapped on individually. When we put the set together, we found that we had received two bags of the same accessories and missing one bag. Playmobil had an ‘800' phone number that I called, and they graciously provided the missing pieces so that my set could be complete. This set is designed for children ages four and up. Of course, I qualified as “and up”!