#819 Bob and Sherry Green Nativity

Acquired 2018

This heirloom set is a gift to me from Bob and Sherry Green, members of our church. The 15-piece set has been theirs for several years – in fact, it was Sherry’s even before she was married! The pieces were hand painted in the early 1970’s by Sherry’s sister, Vonnie Brown, who is now deceased. That makes the set almost fifty years old and has been in Sherry’s possession since that time. In that the Greens are downsizing, they wanted to know if I would be interested in having the set in my collection. I said yes with great delight. I’m honored that friends want to continue the legacy of their heirlooms through my collection. This hand-painted set has maintained its color as if it were recently painted. The set includes pieces not normally with a nativity set. As well as the Holy Family with Mary in a stunning teal, three kings, donkey and cow, this set includes two shepherds, one standing and one kneeling each holding sheep. There are two other sheep, a peasant girl with her flowers and a peasant gentleman with his dog. The angel also included is designed for mounting on a stable which was not part of the set. Given to me July 2018.