#13 Wood Set

Acquired 1990

This bright colored hand-painted wood set was made in El Salvador - with the Spanish motif. I found this set at a missionary outreach luncheon at the First Methodist Church in Modesto in July 1990. The items are made in El Salvador and marketed by Serv - Self-Help Handcrafts. Serv is a non-profit program of the World Ministries Commission, Church of the Brethren General Board. They have a shop in the Church of the Brethren on Woodland Avenue and display their items at different events and craft fairs. The purchase price was $26.00.This particular handcrafted work was coordinated by internationally famous artist, Fernando Lolot of LaSemilla de Dios (the Seed of God) which is an association inspired by Christian principles, founded in 1972 for handcraft production, community agricultural development and efficient consumer solidarity.