#697 Auto Parts Nativity

Acquired 2015

I saw a nativity made from auto parts at the FOTC Convention four years ago and I've been on an “auto search” hunt since that time. I learned the set was made by Armando Ramirez, who attended a FOTC convention in the past and sold several of the sets. Unfortunately, that was before I was a member. I decided to try the internet. I put in Auto Parts nativities, and I found Armando Ramirez! Only then did I realize the Mr. Ramirez was a sculptor from Mexico and was an invited guest to the convention. He makes hundreds of items using discarded auto parts and scrap metal, but I didn't see the nativity set. All his work is done in Mexico.At another time while surfing the internet looking for nativities at sites I hadn't seen before, suddenly the entire Ramirez Auto Parts (Car Parts) Nativity popped up - after looking for four years! It was available from Novica - a branch of the National Geographic. The order price was $198 for all ten pieces. I immediately ordered it! I recognize spark plugs and springs, lug bolts and timing chains, but I don't know enough about “car parts” to know if the other items used are discarded auto parts or pieces of scrap metal - but whatever it is, it is definitely eye catching and unique! After I ordered my set, I saw this entire set on display at a gift store with the purchase price at $498!!! So glad I ordered it online! October 2015.