#766 Lori Mitchell Nativity

Acquired 2016

This is another new artist to me, but not to the art world. Lori Mitchell has had releases of her comical, folk-art pieces for several years. As of last year, she released a Mary and Joseph. Mary holds Baby Jesus. A separate, but complimentary piece, is the smaller sized angel. When the angel is propped on a stand, she is a perfect addition to the Holy Family. Lori also has released a king, but I couldn't buy just “a king”. Possibly in the next couple of years she will release all three kings! Purchased at St. John's Craft Fair in Carmichael on December 3, 2016. Purchase price, $90.In October 2019, I visited The Greenery Nursery in Turlock, CA, for their Open House. I ran into a showcase of many of these spindle leg people including Mary and Joseph and a few other nativity pieces. I asked about the set and was told it was by ESC. In that they could order the missing pieces, I bought what they had including Mary, Joseph, and the Baby. When I got home, I compared it to my spindle leg set and found they were the same pieces!!!! I knew the set as Lori Mitchell, and they called it ESC. I found out the company is ECS and Lori Mitchell is the artist of this line of whimsical folk art. I returned the pieces I had and completed the set of an angel, a shepherd boy, all three kings, and a camel. Purchase price, $330 including the previously purchased pieces.