#498 Peanuts Nativity Plate

Acquired 2007

Apparently, with the passing of Charles Schultz, the creator of Peanuts, enough years have passed that the copyright has been released because merchants and specialty shops, and catalog ordering companies have all kinds of Peanut items available for sale in all settings besides nativity. Therefore, after purchasing my very rare set in 1989 (#17), I now have added two more Peanuts pieces just this year 2007. And I had to be selective because there were many other Peanuts Nativity choices! This Peanuts Nativity Plate was ordered from the Danbury Mint Catalog and each plate is individually numbered and limited. My plate is number A5752. It is a release of the United Features Syndicate, Inc. The purchase price of the plate was $39.95, December 2007.