#36 All God's Children

Acquired 1991

I purchased this set at the Brass Latch in Eureka Springs, Ark. in June of 1991 while we were visiting Sonny & Dee. I wouldn't have considered a “black” nativity set in that Jesus was Jewish. Yet when the store owners, Jim & JoAnn Watkins, explained the meaning behind this set, I knew it was a must for my collection. All God's Children is a collection done by Martha Holcombe, copyrighted 1990. This is her recollection of her childhood days, and this nativity is her memory of her Sunday school class putting on the Christmas Pageant at Christmas time. Her theme is 1 John 3:1 - See how much the Father has loved us! His love is so great that we are called God's Children. The story of Mary and Joseph (#1536 & #1157) is as follows: These children were thrilled when their Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Sue, asked them to play the part of Mary and Joseph in the Christmas play. Although Mary is a little tomboy, she is taking her role quite seriously. She is praying a little prayer of thanks and hopes that the frog she has hidden in her pocket doesn't croak. Joseph is thinking how Jesus must have felt when he had to sleep in a manger because all the motel rooms were full. Preshus - #1538: Preshus is Mrs. Sue's three-month-old baby boy. Everyone was glad when she agreed to let him play the part of Baby Jesus. He looks so much more real than the little rubber doll they usually use. Purchase price for all three pieces: Mary & Joseph, $27.75 each and Preshus, $22.00. Total Cost, $77.50.For Christmas, 1993, Bob added to my All God's Children set the two newest released pieces that I did not have:Thomas, The Shepherd Nathaniel, The Drummer BoyBoth pieces were purchased at the Glass Pheasant in San Francisco. (Janine saw them and purchased them knowing Dad would want to give these to Mom!)