#562 Tarahumara Indian Nativity

Acquired 2010

While on our RV Caravan trip to Mexico's Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, our RV was parked at the Creel RV Park at the top of the canyon area. After we toured the canyon by bus, we returned to Creel by train where we disembarked in town. Located very close to the train station was the Mission Museum and Store for the Tarahumara Indians. We learned of them and observed them in the canyons. The Indians are native and very primitive, and still live back in time in these canyon mountains anywhere there is water seeping from the rocks or nearby streams and rivers. They dress in bright colors and the mode of transportation is walking in the canyons! They live off the land and by selling their crafts to people like us! We found them to be fascinating and very interesting. We were told about the Mission Store and that the profit from any purchases go back to the Tarahumara people. While looking at the beautiful crafts, I saw this one piece “basket” style nativity of the Tarahumara people - all dressed in their bright colors. Even though it was a small set, I wanted to add it to our collection. Purchased 4/10 - Cost 165 pesos! That equates to about $14.00 American money.