#708 Elementary Homemade Nativity

Acquired 2015

Another addition to my collection, this four-piece set came from the White Elephant table at the FOTC Convention, Houston, TX, October 2015. It includes, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and his cradle. At the very close of the convention, a few unwanted lonely, straggled pieces were left on the White Elephant table. During the Convention, if you saw something on that table that you could use, you were asked to put a donation of your choice into the Nativity Cookie Jar and take the item. The table had been quite crowded and now it was almost entirely empty! No one wanted this nativity! At the end of the convention, this very crude, elementary, unprofessional hand-crafted nativity remained. The more I saw it, the more I comprehended the young or beginning crafter hands that would have been proud of their first efforts of their labor. The colorful crude set became an offering of love in my mind. I put $10 in the Cookie jar and added the set to my collection! And now it has become a favorite of my entire collection! It is now eight years later, and I just learned Michelle Devit, of Dayton, Ohio, was the art teacher in St. Anthony's Catholic School that taught these childran this art craft. This sweet little set was made by a third grader in her class, and she brought it to the FOTC Convention for the White Elephant sale.