#22 Olivewood Set

Acquired 1990

This set is my dream come true - to be able to purchase a nativity set in Bethlehem! This completely hand-carved olivewood set is from Lama Brothers in Bethlehem. This is an Arab shop and the owner, Ed Lama, was very helpful to me. We purchased 13 nativity sets during our visit there in June 1990, which I used as Christmas gifts for our family. The set for myself includes 14 pieces. The stable is not hand-carved and is a complement to the set and not part of the hand-carved pieces. The camel was also purchased separately to accent the set. Including the stable and camel, the set is 16 pieces. Purchase price for the 14 hand-carved pieces was $371. The stable was complimentary. The camel - $21. Total purchase price for complete set, $399.