#747 Javelina Nativity

Acquired 2016

The Javelina (peccary) “skunk” pig is found from South America to the desert areas of Arizona. They are medium sized hoofed animals similar to a wild boar. They mostly have short coarse hair that is salt and pepper in color, short legs, and a pig like snout. They are sometimes called “skunk pig” because they have a rather unpleasant odor similar to a musk smell - and sometimes are called “musk hogs”. They are not dangerous and are not fearful around people unless people get too close.This unusual nativity set was designed by Vidal Corona of the well-known small village of Juan Mata Ortiz in Chihuahau, Mexico. This area, which we visited in 2008, is known as the Casas Grande region, and was home to the Papuime Indians until they disappeared, approximately 700 years ago. They were known for their unique pottery which was uncovered and now made by Juan Mata Ortiz and his family and other pottery artists of that area. Bob and I secured two pieces from the area when we visited.This Nativity Javelina set is from the same area but marketed at Feliz Navidad Sedona where I found it. It includes four pieces - Javelina Mary, Javelina Joseph, Javelina Angel, and Javelina Baby Jesus on his manger mat. Because I have several animal nativities, but not Javelina, I “had” to add it to my collection. Purchased, March 2, 2016, purchase price, $159.