#795 Millennialist Hipsters Set

Acquired 2017

I heard about this set at the Bethlehem Nativity Convention and found out it could be ordered online. I immediately went to my room and checked it out online and found I could order it, but it was listed with several different prices. Of course, I ordered the least expensive from eBay. It arrived a few days after I got home - shattered into many pieces! After one week of trying to reach someone by phone or email to no avail, I called Visa and PayPal to stop payment. By the next day I had a free return address label! I then ordered it on Amazon which has been more reliable - and found it was now $50 less than the cheapest price on eBay!!!This set is very unique and can be questionable to some nativity enthusiasts. I found it an interesting approach to current millennial times in which we live. So here goes! The stable has solar panels! The three kings are on Segways carrying their Amazon gifts to Baby Jesus. One is an Afro American with a ponytail and short pants. One is possibly a Hispanic with his shades and mustache. One is Caucasian with his snow scarf and beanie hat. None of them are wearing socks. Modern Joseph is barefooted with his facial hair and man bun hair wrap. He is busy taking a selfie. Mary is posing holding up the peace sign with her painted fingernails and holds her Starbucks coffee. The shepherd in his tight pants is engrossed on his iPad. The sheep is adorned in his ugly Christmas sweater. The cow is 100% organic, the hay trough is gluten free feed. Fortunately, Baby Jesus in his white cloth stable is traditional and has not been changed - but then Jesus is timeless! I've added a backdrop of wind turbine machines and have a hanging drone perched above the stable. I got this idea from the designer, Harry Mushenheim, a mathematics professor at Dayton University, Dayton, Ohio. Purchase price, $109.99. November 2017.