#527 Kathi's Inside Out Art Hanging Nativity Piece

Acquired 2007

This was Kathi's (my sister-in-law) gift to me Christmas, 2007. It is a beautiful red “inside out” nativity ornament with a “world look”. The nativity is hand painted inside the ball, and it hangs in a provided gold ornament holder. With so many nativities to remember, I thought it was a second inside out piece from her. When my No. 257 piece broke last year, I apologized to her for breaking it and said this piece will be a memorable replacement. As I brought my catalogs up-to-date, I realized the broken piece wasn't from Kathi at all. It was from Katie, my niece! (Kathi did honor me with an inside out art piece previously, but I now realize it is an ornament from our Christmas tree.) Therefore, this elegant nativity piece becomes a new entry – a year late!