#291 Lenore's Nativity

Acquired 2001

One of our employees, Lenore Aguilar, needed three days off from our busy season to go to Mexico to support her sister who just lost her husband in an accident. Even though two other main floor employees were off work due to illness, we still gave her the time she needed to be with her family. Lenore, being a very gracious and lovely supportive lady, honored me by taking time from her short trip to bring this lovely nativity to me. These seven larger pieces are interesting to me in that they do not include the traditional Halo for the Holy Family as most Catholic Mexican Nativities use. Also interesting to me is that the Baby is a different skin color and not in a manger. Their tradition is that Baby Jesus is larger than the other figures because he is prominent, and he doesn't go into the manger until Christmas Eve when he was born. The set was presented to me on her return to work, Monday, December 3, 2001.