#304 Precious Moments Dolls

Acquired 2002

We visited the Precious Moments Chapel in Cartage, MO, for the first time ever in July 2002. What an inspiring, uplifting, joyful experience to hear the story of Sam Butcher and learn so much about his commitment to Jesus Christ and how he expresses his love for the Lord through his unique design of the Precious Moments pieces. While I already have several nativity offerings of Sam Butcher, we did see a doll set that was a must for our collection. The individual 8” porcelain dolls are dressed in vibrant, decorative colors and design. Typical of all Precious Moments pieces, no detail was left undone. The shepherd has his three sheep on a leash, to keep his flock near him. Mary's beautiful pink dress and Baby Jesus' yellow blanket have the edges bound with inset wire to hold the flow of the garments in place. The three kings and shepherd in their beautiful long robes are complete with underwear! The 4” angel hangs from the gold tone painted stable. The entire 10piece set was purchased for $137.