#67 Cherished Teddies

Acquired 1992

A gift to me from Bob, Christmas, 1992, this set was ordered from the Brass Latch, Eureka Springs, Ark. This set was new this year. Designed by Priscilla Hillman by Licensee Hamilton Gifts, each piece has a registration number found on the bottom. Each piece has a separate name and title. The set includesStable, $50.00Maria & Baby “A Baby is God's Gift of Love” and Josh “Everyone Needs a Daddy” (both pieces), $35.00Richard “My Gift is Loving”, Wilbur “My Gift is Sharing”, and Edward “My Gift is Caring” (all three), $55.00Sammy “Little Lambs are in My Care”, $17.50Angie “I Brought the Star”, $15.00 In 1995, I added the newest pieces:Ronnie “I'll Play My Drum for You”, $13.50Camel “Friends Like You are Precious and True”, $30.00Donkey “Friendship Pulls Us Through”, $ 6.25Lamb “Ewe Make Being Friends Special”, $ 6.25Cow “That's What Friends are For”, $22.50The Cow was harder to find. I gave Janine a brochure of these pieces from Kiefer's Galleries in LaGrange, IL. What she didn't realize is that I got the brochure from Aunt Charlotte when visiting her in Chicago for the DeGrado family reunion. When Janine couldn't find the cow in Modesto, she got out the brochure and called this unknown store in Chicago and ordered the cow. As she gave the mailing address, Aunt Charlotte asked if she was Janine! -- she was aghast that this “person” on the other end of the phone knew who she was!