#574 Skagway “Makin It” Nativity

Acquired 2011

While visiting Skagway on our 50th Anniversary Family Cruise to Alaska, I saw this fun, furry Alaskan Nativity in their Christmas Store. With very little time to spare, I asked the clerk to wrap it up and have it ready when I came back through on our way back to the ship. She did and I added it to my collection! The furry pieces include Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus in a papoose. The chosen animals are Alaskan - wolf, moose, and a seal. Purchase price, $65.Created by Alaskan Linda Berget, she was born with needle and thread in hand and has been sewing ever since. She came from Georgia and moved to Alaska in the 70's and has lived the pioneering life while creating dolls that are influenced by the Alaskan culture. Her husband, Bruce, is also becoming an accomplished doll maker and handles the business end of their venture. They live in an Alaskan farming community where they create original dolls for doll lovers around the world.