#669 Coke Can Products Nativity

Acquired 2013

This ironic, unique nativity set is made from aluminum cans from the Coca Cola Products family which combines my nativity collection with Bob's Coke collection! Janine found this set from Serv International, one of the many mission organizations that work with under privileged villages around the world teaching their people to make products, help market them, and returning the profits to the villages. This set is similar to the Coke Nativity set that I already have, (No 361) but this set uses more of their brands - including Coca Cola, Sprite, and Fanta. The large hanging star is Coca Cola. The other pieces include Mary, Joseph, the Baby, and the three kings. Each piece is woven with aluminum to create the figure and each piece entails all three of the products. A Christmas gift to me, Christmas, 2013.