#746 Huichol Art Beaded Nativity

Acquired 2016

While in the Sedona, AZ, on 3/2/16, and having visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross 30 minutes before closing, I also remembered the Christmas Store in the upscale mall, Tlaquepaque Village, as we were passing on our way out to the highway to return to Phoenix where we were staying. Bob drove in and we found the Christmas Store, Feliz Navidad Sedona. However, the lights turned out as we approached it. I walked around the back of the store to where Bob was parked, and I saw someone coming out of the store carrying the daily trash. I commented to him, “I see the store is closed?” He said, yes, was I looking for something - if so, I could come back tomorrow. I said, “Sort of - I'm from California and I'm a nativity collector and I was going to browse at the nativity sets. He said he was the owner and would let me in briefly. Three hours and $1,700 later, we left the store and made a great friend with Diego, the owner! Even his wife came down to the store to help wrap the many pieces while we had dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant.This stunning 14-piece set is made by the Huichol Indians that live in the Sierra Madre Mountains of central Mexico. Their expertise is to spread beeswax over the surface of the pottery piece they have formed and designed, and then press in the delicately small, tiny colorful beads one at a time, painstakingly using a long needle. The Huichol's world is rich in symbolism and imagination as can be seen in the exquisite perfection of these fourteen beaded pieces. They encode and document their spiritual knowledge through art. A piece of Huichol art is unique and one-of-a kind. Purchased, March 2, 2016, at Feliz Navidad Sedona, $379.