#229 Vatican Nativity

Acquired 2000

While visiting the Vatican, we browsed through a gift store and saw many “traditional” Italian style Nativities. However, this hand-carved creation by “Anri”, as part of The Vatican Library Collection, had been designed exclusively at the request of Pope John Paul II for a special Holy Day. It can only be purchased while the few sets that were created are available and only at the Vatican. I saw this just before the bus was scheduled to leave and Bob and I had a hard time deciding just what pieces to choose as they were individually priced. But typical of my precious husband, he reminded me I wouldn't be back any time soon and I should have the entire set. There wasn't time to complete the transaction because of the departing bus. So, the manager completed the sale and brought the set to our hotel. I signed the charge tag at the hotel! Purchase price, $1,264.00 or 2,617,000.00 Italian Lira! June 2000.