#625 Rubber Ducky Nativity

Acquired 2013

This precious, loveable, and squeezable Ducky Nativity was given to me at my special 70th birthday celebration from my wonderful daughter, Janine. Of all my animal collections, this is the first that is cute little ducks. All of them are rubber pieces that will float in the water, which is a perfect idea for a little child's evening bath. Janine found this in the Oriental Trading Magazine in the children's section. I'm just a big kid at heart and I am so excited to have this 12-piece rubber Ducky set added to my collection.The yellow duck in the background next to the donkey piece is the angel and you can tell by looking at her white wings. The other pieces include the Holy Family (Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus, and, of course, He is the smaller white duck), the shepherd with his lamb, the three kings, a cow, a donkey, and a pig.