#670 The Nativity Ornament Trio

Acquired 2014

My dear friend, Gina Schantz, from our Senior Pacesetter's group at church has been very interested and supportive of this nativity collection. She has volunteered for the last three showings (six years) to be a hostess for our guests and has made endless amounts of cookies. She has contributed other nativity sets from her personal collection to add to my collection and this year was no different!Seeing me in church this January 2014, she handed me a gift bag. She is “downsizing” her home and clearing out many collectibles. But this bag needed to be in my collection she exclaimed! Inside the bag I found three lovely nativity items - a cream colored nativity stocking hanger, a nativity ornament for our Christmas tree, and a burgundy Christmas card.The Christmas card has the nativity story printed onto the burgundy background; but, on careful observation, the outlines of the figures are Scripture words and praises to our Almighty God! My goal is to have the card framed! Thank you, Gina.