#478 Randy Dobbs Olive Wood Nativity

Acquired 2007

Right after my 2006 Nativity Open House, Randy & Pauline Dobbs, owners of AAA Action Pest Control, our pest control service for the plant, stopped at our house with a little gift for me. He mentioned that he had been on a cruise and saw a nativity and remembered my collection and wanted to add to it. But when they got home from the cruise, the nativity had broken in the transport! He was so disappointed that he determined to replace it someday with another one. I totally had forgotten his story from several months previous until he knocked at my door with his surprise! It was this lovely olivewood small nativity set from Bethlehem, Israel. This one-piece set is a bit different from the other olivewood pieces that I have. This manger scene is set against a church as the bell rings in the steeple. It was added to the collection, January 2007.