#546 Lighted Gourd Nativity

Acquired 2009

Our seasonal, new employee, Evelia Andrade, asked to leave her sorting line position to go to Mexico for a few weeks. It was past our incoming “push” season, so we granted her wish. I had previously invited the employees to come to visit my Nativity Open House in 2008 during their work hours while still on the clock. She was one that viewed my collection. It must have had a significant influence on her, because, when she came back from Mexico in March 2009, she brought this Lighted Gourd Nativity back to me as a gift! It is from Mexico and is a ceramic piece that looks like a gourd with the nativity pieces tucked inside. An electrical cord runs through with a simple colored Christmas bulb in the top to reflect light on the orange hue toned pieces. Very lovely!