#775 Gold Trimmed Banana Leaves

Acquired 2017

As I mentioned in the previous nativity, I didn't find any sets during the 35 days we were in South Africa. However, after I left the Victoria Falls marketplace, we checked out of our resort and a bus transferred our group to the Livingstone Airport for a return flight to Johannesburg. We had about an hour of waiting time. There were a few small shops at their small airport - so to “kill time”, I went browsing. Low and behold, I found another nativity set different from anything I already had. Another special feature was that the nativity set came from the Mukuni Village where we had just visited the day before!While I do have two sets made from banana leaves, this one caught my eye because of the gold trim on the kings' head coverings. Also, this set includes two worshippers playing African instruments - one a type of flute and the other a type of string instrument. The 11-piece set is stored into a bamboo container which then creates the stable. Purchased for $30 on March 24, 2017, at the Livingstone Airport, Zambia.