#726 Burlap Picture

Acquired 2015

My sister, Carole, and I attended the St. John's Evangelical Catholic School large craft fair in Carmichael, CA, on Saturday, December 5, 2015. I have heard about this craft fair for a few years but have not been able to attend. And this year I was bound and determined to go! Clearing the calendar, Carole and I left at 7:00 AM to be there by 9:00 AM when they opened. This craft fair is more exclusive and limits how many of each type of booth can participate. Therefore, we didn't see ten different jewelry stands! Plus, the items must pass a quality standard before they are allowed in and the waiting list to participate sometimes is years before they are allowed in!While purchasing many Christmas gifts, I purchased only one nativity - this barn wood and burlap nativity picture 12”x8”. Of course, burlap is “in”, so I have learned this nativity season, and I couldn't miss this opportunity to purchase this special burlap picture. While it looks very rustic, the actual black painted figures are glittery - adding much “class” to the barn wood and burlap. Purchase price, $35.