#840 Lupe Pineda Nativity

Acquired 2018

As we exchange names among all our employees for Christmas, and keep it a secret until presenting our gift, I didn’t know who had my name. At our Valley Harvest Employee Christmas Party on December 22, 2018, Lupe presented me with a large-boxed gift! She had my name! She has worked for us at least five years and is a sweet, gentle, smiling darling young lady. She has been very sensitive to my collection over the years and has even brought her family to our Open Houses. She was in Mexico visiting family this summer and purchased this large hand-painted resin nativity set for me, not knowing that she would draw my name! She brought these ten large pieces back and stored them until the party. When I opened the box, I was drawn to tears. She is a line sorter earning minimum wage and yet thinks enough of me to make this kind of purchase in my behalf. The pieces are 10” to 12” tall including Mary, Joseph, an angel, three kings, a cow, and a donkey. The set also includes a kneeling shepherd which is unusual for Mexican culture. But what is typical to their culture is a large Baby Jesus, with jointed and moveable arms, wearing only a swaddling diaper and NOT in a manger. Their tradition is to put Him in the manger on Christmas Eve. Thank you, Lupe, for your sacrificial generosity.