#833 Mt. Hermon Cloth Dolls

Acquired 2018

While visiting the craft fair at Mt. Hermon on December 17, 2018, for their Christmas Banquet and Concert, I saw the only nativity there that was handmade. It was sitting on a table among several other handmade figures of carolers, children, and adults. The pieces were all six to ten inches tall and beautifully clothed in Christmas attire. But his five-piece nativity stood out among all the other figures. Beautifully arrayed in their colorful garments with their long beards and head coverings, this darling set caught my eye. The pieces remind me of Buyers Choice Carolers but were individually made as their own unique set. I learned that the lady manning the table painstakingly made the set. She is from San Jose and has sewn only one other set which she did not bring to this showing. She reluctantly allowed me to take her picture for this documentation. Unfortunately, I misplaced her name. The pieces are made from Styrofoam 8” cylinders as the inside base. Heads are attached as well as arms and legs before the faces are hand painted and the clothes sewn and placed on each figure. The purchase price was $119.